I Think I Hate Myself

by Knowing We'll Never Grow Up

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released February 16, 2012

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Archive Studios in Salt Lake City by Wesley Johnson. All songs written and performed by Knowing We'll Never Grow Up.



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Knowing We'll Never Grow Up Salt Lake City, Utah

Sad kids screaming about things. We're super dead.

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Track Name: Untitled
Enveloping dark heavy eyes,
lifeless bodies.
(We lay here, undecided, and
Constant, incoherent thoughts,
and disembodied tones.
Take my memories and scratch
them in stone.
I am nothing but disembodied tones.)
Passionless lifeforms
in crucial moments.
Sad winters breathe change.
Blissful black shades, calm soft whites.
When distress molts to convictions.
Track Name: Assisted Suicide (Bangarang)
Let's see how angry one man can get.
I'm not great like the sun.
I am regression,
and i can only breathe when i want.
I've been tired. Look, I'm afraid.
Track Name: I Majored in Philosophy and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt
Sometimes my dreams keep going on and on, will someone turn them off?
Sometimes realism puts me to sleep.
Kill or be killed.
Violent love. Passive Hate.
Nurture the heartless while we force feed the fucking.
Operation: No-one gives a shit.
Track Name: Boy, Am I Lost...
It's prominent that something is missing,
so I'm going to stay sixteen; because my
anxious self is becoming more uneasy by
the day. Tell me why i don't want to
accept or even understand. Tell me why
I don't want to. And I can see that these
last few strings, that are still trying to
hold me down, are laced with memories,
like the last few thirsty desires that I'm
still trying to have. And the only sad part
is I'm walking with a smile. I don't think
I know that something is missing.
Track Name: Masturbate to Heartache
I invested so much
I need too much...

A loss of words.
A sequence of events that brought me to where I am today, and left me wondering: "What happened to you?"
I'm in love with an idea. I'm in love with someone else.
Track Name: Aokigahara Forest
Oh, what a journey.
Inhale, exhale one last breath.
Pouring autumn reds.
Blood-soaked forest ground.
These trees sway left and right.
Oh my god, it's so beautiful.
It's good to be home.
Track Name: So He Sank Into the West as the Mountains Began to Eat Him
I swear we are more than physical beings of this art,
because i have yellow, red, and orange painted in my heart.
So our chests are warm. Well, you can see mine is.
But I want you to burn me, so sit close as possible.
I can paint loves too, but you're letting it seep through.
Track Name: Don't Forget Projectile Weapons
We're doing fine, now that you're gone.
(I have been alone)
Now that we're gone.
Track Name: Roughly 67 Miles to Freedom (Vertically)
Oh, how I long for great adventures.
Something to lift the spirit of: I hate me.
Packing my bags, set in my ways,
as i head for outer space.
Everyone will whisper with a smirk:
"But there's no oxygen there."
And on the day that time trickles away
they'll think: "I wasted time on pointless shit
when I, myself, could have been free."